Survival Horror Game


Psychological Horror Experience (+18)

This experience is designed to give the participants a particularly sharp sensation that could knock you out of your daily routine and banality. You will be grasped by the throat and taken into an abyss of negative feelings. Over 500 square meters of premises will isolate you in the dark. Work in a team or alone to accomplish the designated task - survive. In order to survive and to not get into the hands of monsters, you will have to hide and act quietly. If you are afraid of physical contact and overcoming your fears this place is not for you.

Escape from Hangar (18+)

Hangar - is not a typical escape room. It does not have any logical or mathematical tasks, but you will still have to find a way out. In our room (more precisely, around the 500 square meter hangar) the team must find a way to escape from this realistic nightmare and to figure the unique system. The atmosphere and decorations create the impression of a real horror movie. You will not resist the urge to watch out and check behind your back. But should you worry? Maybe.

Horror Game for Teenagers (15-18 years old)

If you're a horror movie fan or gamer - it's time to try it out in reality. Over 500 square meters of premises will isolate you in the dark. Work as a team or try and sneak alone to the find a way out of here. They will be looking for you and only by teamwork will you be able to survive this realistic horror nightmare.

Breakout (10-15 years old)

This program is made for children who, even for a little while, want to be main characters of a movie. After all, main characters are always brave and overcome the evil. Are you also feeling heroic and will this hero film end with a victory of the good? Everything is in your hands, but we guarantee that the impressions will last for a long time.

Team building program for Companies

Do you think that you really know your team which can face the seemingly insurmountable tasks that in your opinion you can easily overcome? We can guarantee that the designated task will be truly challenging and only the strongest team can do it. This is a great way to build a team since you will be thrown into a truly non-routine situation full of stress and fear and the only possible way is to overcome this challenge or fail.

Bachelor and bachelorette parties

How else to celebrate the last single days exceptionally, how to try yourself differently and prepare for the upcoming challenges of married life, if not to face the horror itself, in our specially prepared bachelor and bachelorette programs.


Price of a program is 15 eur per person.

Minimal price for the program is the same as for a 6 people team  - 90 Eur (In the Survival game - for a team of 8 people - 120 Eur).

Price per person

15 Eur

Minimal sum

90/120 Eur

Can participate

Up to 12 people

*We offer a discount for groups with more than 15 people.



The game is run only at a pre-arranged and ordered time.

The reservation is finalized after the transfer of an advance of 30 EUR and receiving a confirmation letter from us.


Ask about the desired playing time:

   • adjacent query

   • by phone: +37063928124

   • by e-mail: hangarvilnius@gmail.com

*To register for the game, provide the preliminary number of participants and other related information (eg whether there will be minors or whether there is a special occasion, etc.)


1. Program’s duration is up to 45 minutes + 15 min. preparation. In case of participants arrival delay, the game duration is shortened in proportion to the delay time. 

2. People under 18 years must show up with accompanying adults (parents/legal guardians etc.)

3. Before the program, each player must provide a signature that they have familiarized themselves with the rules and will obey them (for minors signs the accompaying person). 

4. It is FORBIDDEN to participate in a program under the influence of drugs, alcohol or other psychotropic substances. In case there is a doubt about participant’s sobriety, the personnel have a right not to let such person participate.

5. It is FORBIDDEN to participate in “Hangar” games if you have chronic diseases (heart, mental, asthma, epilepsy, schizophrenia or other) as well as pregnant and lactating women. 

6. Participants must follow the instructions of staff and actors during their experience. It is FORBIDDEN to touch, use any physical force, aggression against the actors.

7. Players agree that they could be touched, feel physical and emotional discomfort. 

8. It is FORBIDDEN to shoot or take pictures in “Hangar's” premises, unless it is with the permission of the staff. 

9. “Hangar” staff reserves all rights to publish participants' photo or video footage for advertising purposes on social sites and elsewhere. 

10. “Hangar” staff reserves the right to discontinue the program for a team or individuals if these rules are not followed. 

11. Money for non-arrival, discontinued survival program for non-compliance is non-refundable. 

12. It is recommended to bring comfortable clothes and footwear. All personal items and jewelry must be left in the waiting room. The personnel is not held responsible for damaged or dirtied clothes or belongings.

Frequently Asked Questions

One of the most difficult questions to answer. Some people may want to quit just because of the atmosphere “Hangar” creates, some after first contact with the staff, etc. And for others it may be just a lot of fun. It all depends on you. However, we guarantee that you will not relax, and that you will feel tension continuously.

Yes. This horror survival experience is interactive and one of the key aspects is an unexpected contact that can sometimes turn out to be invasive, but never damaging. If it is too scary, you can always say the "safety" word and forfeit the game.

Before the game you will be informed about the "safety" word, which you can say to end the program for yourself.

Yes. For those who are too scared, we can recommend an easier game, without the rough part. Also there is a special game for underaged children.

In this case, if more than 12 people want to take part in the program, the program is split into two games - while one group is playing, others are waiting in in the celebration room, where ones can wait having brought own food and beverage.

You come to experience a horror game, where you will have to move and hide a lot, so comfortable clothing and footwear are recommended. For those who want, there is an opportunity to change. We also offer special overalls that will protect your personal clothes.

Yes, only from 18 years (people aged from 10 to 18 years old must have parental consent or an accompanying adult).


Photographing or filming is strictly forbidden in “Hangar's” premises, except in specially designated areas or with the consent of the administration.

Yes, there is a LIDL parking lot next to Hangar.

The game takes place without language, so non-Lithuanian speakers can also participate. Instructions are available in English.

We offer special gift vouchers. One coupon is valid for two people to visit the Hangar game in the selected program. The price of the coupon is 30 Eur.

The premises of the program are not heated, so the temperature is very close to the outside, but the game is full of action and emotions, so the participants usually come back even warmed up! We can also give jumpsuits to those who want them, which provide additional layer of clothes. There is a heater in the festive hall, but again, we would not recommend being in just a t-shirt anyway, because the space is quite large and it gets warm after a while.


Premises for rent for photoshoots and filming

Unique space, decorations that create exclusive shots for your video or photo project. Possible participation of actors.

Outgoing events

Hangar characters on call. Participation in camps, events, exhibitions.

Gift coupons

We offer to purchase special gift vouchers for Hangar game, in the selected program. Coupon price - from 30 EUR (from 2 persons).

Celebration room for rent

You can celebrate your birthday at our premises after participating in the programme. The price of the hall per hour is 30 Eur.

Video memorabilia

Your programme's captured footage in a video of up to a couple of minutes. Price - 30 Euros.

Adress: Justiniškių g. 126, Vilnius

Registration via phone: +37063928124  Work hours: II - VII 11:00 - 21:00

Registration via e-mail: HangarVilnius@gmail.com


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